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Magnetic USB Cable.

1.2 metre length upto
480 MBPS speed
Golden plating for max speed
nylon jacket for more durability

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  • A female model with long curly brown hair wears a gray sweater, brown shorts, bright yellow socks, and black high heel shoes. She raises one leg, and tilts her head to the side

    Micro B

    Magnetic connector

  • A pale-skin female model with dark eye shadow and tied up hair wears dark green gloves, gray linen boots, and a woolen lined hood on a black zip-up jacket over a black top and shorts. She holds her jacket open with both hands and slightly raises her left knee whilst looking to the floor

    Type C

    Magnetic connector

  • A pale-skin female model with platted hair wears a dark button-up jacket with gray shorts, black tights, brown shoes, and black gloves. She throws both arms back and raises one knee -- as if mid-jump -- whilst looking into the distance

    Lightning connector

    Magnetic connector